Women and Financial Planning


Women are involved in running households, having careers, raising children, and helping aging parents.  These competing priorities can get in the way of planning for a comfortable financial future.  Today, every woman - single or married, widowed or divorced - needs to plan ahead for personal and financial security.  And more than anything else, this requires that you take control of your finances today. Being adequately prepared to meet whatever financial challenges come your way may be more important than you think, especially when you consider the challenges described above.

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Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it. - Malcom X -

Six Actions for Taking Control:  

1. Getting your financial house in order

2. Preparing for the unexpected

3. Putting your money to work by investing

4. Building a healthy nest egg for retirement

5. Facing financial hardship

6. Addressing estate and legacy issues



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